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Hamm city is situated in the northwestern corner of Germany, not far from the Netherlands, but as you may see on the map below, Amsterdam, Antwerp(en), Brussels, even London, are not that far off.
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History of Hamm:-Hamm is city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the notheastern part of the Ruhr area. As of December 2003 its population was 180849. Hamm railway station is an important hub for railTransport and renowned for its distinctive station building. Hamm is an important railway junction, and its chief industry is the manufacture of wire and cable. The electronics sector is also important.The town of Hamm is situated in the northwestern corner of Germany, not far from the Netherlands, but as you may see on the map below, Amsterdam, Antwerp(en), Brussels, even London, are not that far off.Hamm is known for its mining, steel and chemical industries.The city bus net Hamm is served by the Stadtwerke Hamm, with 65 buses, and the Verkehrsgesellschaft Breitenbach. A regional bus service is served by different companies and both nets serve the central bus station, which is situated in front of the main railway station in the centre of Hamm.
1350 The Black death killed nearly all of the citizens. Only seven families survived.
1469 Hamm became a member of the Hanseatic League. It was one of the most powerful towns in the region, while the large cities of the today's Ruhr area still were only tiny villages.
1657 Establishment of the Gynasium illustre (later named Gymnasium Hammonense) with three faculties (Theology, Jurisprudence and Philosopy).
1753 Establishment of the regional court (Landgericht).
Several hospital are situated in Hamm. The largest is the Marien Hospital with its two separate buildings, Marien Hospital I the old building within the centre of the city and Marien Hospital II together 587 beds. Hamm has six Gymnasien(grammar schools), two comprehensive schools and several Realschulen,Hauptschulen and Grundschulen (elementary) The oldest Gymnasium in Hamm is the Gymnasium Hammonense which was established as academicReliablecabs provides best facilities from Hamm to/from Duesseldorf.
school (small university) with three faculties in 1657. school (small university) with three faculties in 1657.